Monday, August 12, 2013

movie in the park

there's nothing better than getting things done. even if they are silly things on a summer bucket list

tonight, we met up with our favorite friends jenny & jamie and went up to provo for a movie in the park. princess diaries - one of my favorites.

we trekked across the park and found a place to sit on the slope. it was steep! i think we chose the steepest part of the hill to sit on - we kept sliding down the whole time. 

that ruby is very observant. none of us grown ups realized there was a puppy just down the hill from us but, ruby wouldn't rest until she got to pet the puppy. it's a good thing people in provo are kid-friendly. she literally fell asleep five minutes after she finally got to say hi to the dog. she looked so peaceful and cute just sleeping there. 

the four of us snacked on popcorn, chocolate chip cookies & haribo gummy raspberries. 

i loved hearing dan laugh out loud to the jokes and stuff that i've had memorized since i was 13 years old. this was the first time he'd seen the classic chick flick.

it started raining and getting really windy as soon as the movie ended - it was as if mother nature was telling us to 'go home'! 

it was really so much fun. thanks for inviting us jenny & jamie! shall we go for newsies next week? 


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