Wednesday, January 27, 2010

these are awesome!

Aren't these the cutest, most useful cookie cutters ever?! You can stamp messages right into your cookies.

They are not only perfect for valentines day, but for any day! Instead of a birthday card, make a birthday card cookie! I love them. And I'm going to buy them.

I was going to buy them today, but I only got an 84% on my test, and Dan said I could only get a reward if I got a 90%. Plus, Williams-Sonoma closed while I was in the testing center (which I would like to point out, was the first test I've had in the testing center for over a year! I was almost giddy to get my scantron).

If you want a set too, here's the link.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wild Thing.

My friend, Jenny, loves Where the Wild Things Are. I was sorta in a silhouette mood and started cutting this is what I ended up with! I framed it and gave it to her for Christmas!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Candy Heart

One of the results of having a ton of candy at your wedding reception is that you have a ton of candy six months later. I saw a similar idea on Martha Stewart for this wreath and thought it was a perfect solution for some of that candy!
Ta-Da! The finished product!

He's so Romantic.

Dan surprised me with these beautiful flowers for our six-month anniversary. Six months already! Time flies!

One of the Perks of the Job.

So, Dan was out today trying to follow some leads on a case.

He walks out of an apartment complex here in Provo and saw a couple trying to move. The husband is trying to move a queen sized mattress in the snow all by himself! So, being the responsible citizen Daniel is, he offered to help the guy get some of his stuff in the truck.

I guess you sometimes get rewarded for good deeds, because I came home from work and found this in our living room!

Apparently, it couldn't fit in the truck and they let Dan take it. It goes perfectly in our house! It's from Target and is worth like $150.00! We are so lucky!

We Love Alastor!

A couple of weeks ago, Dan and I babysat our little nephew Alastor and for some reason, he was very entertained by this little alarm clock. He is so adorable and we think he's great.

"The Crayola Law"

(from ohdeedoh)
Oh, the random things you can find on the internet! Take this -- a statistical analysis for Crayola crayons colors. Random, I know. According to this blogger, the number of colors available for Crayola crayons double every 28 years. By the year 2050 there should, according to this be over 300 different colors. Completely useless information, but I think this picture is awesome!
Monday, January 18, 2010

The Art City Trolley & Rangemasters

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day Daniel and I went on a very Springville romantic outing.

We started out this rainy afternoon with a short shooting session at Rangemasters. Dan's big Christmas present from his parents and grandparents was a yearly membership there.

We shot some targets and long story short, I'm not a very good shot and we're going to have to go again so I can get practice. Not something I'd normally do, but It was a fun date activity.

Then we went to a more Candace-centered stop. The Art City Trolley!

Here are the three reasons I love this restaurant.
1) Vintage signs and Motorcycles it's awesome on the inside and there's a TROLLEY on the outside.
1) The food is great (I got the Aloha salad -- pretty much a pina colada on top of lettuce-- delicious!)
2) Everything is served on Fiesta Ware (which is reason enough for me to enjoy it).

"Because I Love Nice Things"


After months of searching I finally found some sweet vintage stockings!
At Nordstrom of all places! They don't look exactly like the ones in the photo, but they do have the seam up the back. And now what shoes to wear with them...

Happy New Year.


I sort of fell off the blogging wagon over Christmas break.
However, I've decided to recommit myself and be a more regular blogger again.

Love, Candace

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