Sunday, May 5, 2013

ruby roo on the lawn

dan was weeding in the planters and i brought ruby outside. she'd just woken up from a nap - hence the super pink cheeks. she was so cute. i don't know if you can gather it from the pictures, but she loves clapping and waving. i love this girl so much it's not even funny. 

Ruby - Eleven Months

Ruby Roo. Look at You. You are almost ONE!
 I really can't believe how fast this year has gone by. 

Monthly Stats:

Weight - She had an ear infection this month and when we took her in to the doctor, she was 16lbs 8oz. Ruby had a rough couple of weeks with ear infections :(

Diapers - Size 3. But, I'm afraid that they're actually too big..

Clothes - Still all over the place but she is definitely more towards the 12 Month sizes. She is so long that she needs the length, but so thin she is usually swimming in the larger sizes. I'm not sure what is worse - short clothes or wide clothes! 

Likes - waving at everyone, dogs, brushing her teeth, cookies or anything chocolate (she looses her mind over costco chocolate muffins), playing peek-a-boo, "that's not my puppy" book, sitting on the lawn and amoxicillian. 

Dislikes - ear infections, getting her diaper changed and getting strapped into her carseat. 

Love you little Roo! 

dandyroo designs

recently, i've been making a lot of these little temple watercolors. they are so fun. 
i've been getting more and more requests for them so i finally decided to open an etsy shop. 
it's called dandyroo designs.
(which is a mash-up of dan, candace, and ruby)

come on over and see the shop! you can purchase any temple paintings through the etsy shop now. 

(or you want to do an art swap...just email me!)

here are some of my paintings:


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