Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two things -

1) This flower headband thingy is really beautiful.

2) I think I want to cut my hair like this model. I'm really looking for a change. What do you think?
Hair thingy by Twig & Thistle, picture from here
Thursday, August 19, 2010

New York State of Mind

I'd Really like to take a trip here this summer

Go see this 

and this

and stop by here

and here

eat here 

and here

and take a leisurely stroll through here

but sadly...

...and the summer's practically over. Next Summer I Hope!? 

pictures from here here here here here here and here
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to Idaho...

Well, Dan is going back to Idaho. He's going on a business trip up there for nearly a month. Come August 30th, I need to find a bunch of stuff to occupy my time. I will be doing my internships, but I need to do some fun stuff too... Here are some of my ideas so far. Please give me suggestions.
1. Read a book. I started "The Help" and I like it so far, I'm just not that far. It's pretty thick so it'll last me a while, but any suggestions on what else to put on my list? 
2. Make Halloween Costumes -- The best idea we have so far is I will be Snow White and Dan will be tall skinny Grumpy. Does that sound good?
3. Make this quilt. Or basically any of the ideas on that website. It's not too early to do Christmas crafts right?
4. Plan a Bridal Shower for Kristen Brown. Complete with plenty of DIYs and fun details.
5. Jenny's Birthday, Ethan to the MTC and Jamie Hills to the MTC and other family/friend events.

I'm going to be bored and lonely! Give me some good ideas!!
Monday, August 9, 2010

I love my Microwave.

So I was perusing MarthaStewart.com and ran across this ingenious  idea. Making scrambled eggs in the microwave.

Normally, I wouldn't think of cooking eggs in the microwave (although I cook quite a few unusual things in there, such as chicken)

And the best part, there's no mess. You cook the eggs in the same dish you're gonna eat them from. I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow!!

Here are instructions

Photo from MarthaStewart.com
Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can you tell we're sisters?

Apparently Elise and I have similar plans for a Sunday afternoon. Dan walked in and snapped this photo. He said we look like some kind of crazy two-headed monster.

Elise is at EFY right now, but we had a fun time together while she was here visiting me. We went out to lunch, went shopping, got frozen yogurt, made headbands, and got everything ready for my party! (post coming soon!) I love my little sissster!
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm firmly convinced that cupcakes get better with age.

I've been slowly polishing off the cupcakes from my birthday party. They seriously are getting better every day. Stay tuned, a full post-Birthday post will be coming soon. I was really spoiled so it's gonna be a long one. Well! I'm off to get another cupcake!

Crepe Paper Flowers

I made these last night from leftover party streamers. I think they're really pretty and I am going to the walmart right now to get more colors of crepe paper so I can make an entire bouquet.

On the Fence...

SO I have been offered two internships for the fall... Gardner Village and Thanksgiving Point. Doing Event Planning at each. What do I choose!?

Gardner Village pays (sorta) but is really far away. Thanksgiving Point is non-payed, but closer and a lot more flexible. They also want me to start right away which will give me stuff to do with my days. Also, their events sound more fun.

Wow, I seem to have worked that all out in the typing. I think I'll do Thanksgiving Point and just find a seasonal or part-time job or something. Thanks everyone for sitting through that little exercise, you're all great listeners.

Pictures from Here and Here

Jelly Belly Art

So  I thought this was kinda cool! This is the kind of art I can get behind! Mosaics made out of a million-bazillion Jelly Bellies. A lot of these are on display at the Jelly Belly Factory (which I have yet to go to, but it's one of my life goals so I'll probably make it there some day)

 Pictures from Here, Here, Here and Here

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