Wednesday, April 10, 2013

the sound of music

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I've talked about it before, but I LOVE The Sound of Music. 
I think this movie is perfect. I love the costumes. I've still got to recreate some of the costumes for either me or Ruby. They are beautiful! I love the scenery of Salzburg and the VonTrapp Estate is beautiful. Not to mention the Hills! Oh, and The Captain! Really, this movie is wonderful. If you haven't seen it in a while, add it to your list! 

I couldn't find the source for this collage - but isn't it fun!?
Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

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1. Have you read Gretchen Rubin's "Happier at Home"? I enjoyed her first book, "The Happiness Project" but am really loving this second book. I am about half way through, and it's great! I'm also reading a book for April's Book Club: "The Shoemaker's Wife". I'm only one chapter in and it's like 450 pages so it will take a while...

2. We had grass installed in our yard a couple of weeks ago and I cannot believe how much of a difference grass makes.  We painted our front doors and I potted some flowers in two identical pots. I love spring. I love our house.

3. Ruby pretty much has all four of her front top teeth in. It amazes me how grown up she looks. And it makes me sad. My little girl is growing up way too fast! Also, she has discovered that she loves brushing her teeth. Like, I can't take her in the bathroom without her whining to brush her teeth.

4. We are supposed to get some family pictures taken soon but it keeps raining! I'm so excited for them though - my friend is a really talented photographer!

5. Lately, I've been really wanting to go to the Thrift Stores in Salt Lake and finally went today! I've said it before: I hate shopping in Utah. But, I found some good things and am excited to go back! Does anyone else like Thrifting? Am I weird on this one?

6. In an effort to watch less TV, the Simon & Garfunkel Pandora Station has been on pretty much non-stop.

7. Dinner was a total bust tonight and that made me sad. I made Chicken and Rice Soup because it was really rainy and cold. It was supposed to be good but it was awful. Dan was a trooper and ate two bowls - after he added Barbecue Sauce (!)

8. I probably really need to start running again. I really don't want to, but I probably need to. So I guess I'm in the market for a jogging stroller or something.

9. One of my Spring/Summer Bucket List things is to go to the Sweet's Candy Factory Tour in Salt Lake. I love Candy. I love Factory Tours. Perfect.

10. General Conference was this past weekend and this was probably my favorite talk. Dan was taking Ruby on a walk around the block so I was actually able to sit and listen without distraction. I loved everything she said and felt such a greater sense of responsibility towards the little daughter I have. I need to read the whole thing again.
Thursday, April 4, 2013

easter 2013

Ruby's First Easter was a success! She had a cute dress, a fun basket and a pair of bunny ears. How could you go wrong?!

we have 9am church, so ruby got her basket after the 3-hour block! that's why she's in her easter dress!
this picture melts my heart. she pulled out peter rabbit and immediately hugged him. sooooo cute.

holidays are so much fun with kids! next year, we will definitely do an egg hunt and it will be awesome!

Ruby - Ten Months

We've reached double-digits, people! Ruby is getting so big! It is a good thing she's almost one because these monthly updates are hard! I am pretty good at taking the pictures right on her birthday but getting it up on the blog is another story! 

I would say the big thing with Ruby this month has been teeth! Over the last month she's had *four* top teeth come in. Pretty much all at the same time. She's been a sad, slobbery, snotty mess. But those teeth look really cute. 

This month, Ruby has also discovered her love of dogs. I am not a dog lover. But we've been to four pet shops just in the last week and on countless walks to look for dogs around our neighborhood. Ruby makes this little growling noise whenever she sees a dog or we talk about one. I really should try to get that on film...

Ruby still isn't crawling. At all. She is pretty good at supporting herself by standing against the ottoman and seems to enjoy it. I half-expect her to just take off running one of these days. 

Ruby has got "dadada" down! We will walk into Dan's office and I'll say "Ruby say 'Hi' to Dada!" and she'll wave and say "dadada" and then try to get all of the knick-knacks and stuff he has on his desk. Dan jokes and says that Ruby doesn't really like him, she just likes all the stuff he has. Whenever there's something she wants she'll point and say "ba". She says "ba" a lot.  

Monthly Stats: 

Weight - At her 9-Month Check Up, she was 16lbs 3oz. 10th percentile. (Told you she was little!) She's getting a bit heavier, I think (and looking way too grown-up). 

Diapers - Officially in Costco Size 3. 

Clothes - Still all over the place. She wore a 0-3 Month dress as a top this week (which was a good thing because she never wore it as a dress). I've been dressing Ruby is a lot more skirts and dresses during the week now that it's getting warmer. I love little girls in skirts! I'm thinking of sewing her some skirts because they're so simple. 

Likes - DOGS, books (especially touchy-feely ones), strawberries, peas, marshmallow peeps, going outside, bathtime, anything in daddy's office that she's not supposed to touch and waving. 

Dislikes - getting grown-up sized hats put on her head (seriously screamed like someone was pulling her teeth out), being in her car seat at all and anything coming in contact with her nose/nostrils. 

Ruby stop growing up so fast! Where has my little baby gone!? Like, seriously: 


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