Monday, September 24, 2012

California Travelogue: Part 2

One of the big highlights of our trip was our visit to the Ronald Reagan Library. Right now, hey have a Disney Archives Exhibit. Since Ruby is too young to take to Disneyland, this seemed like a good idea! And it was! We really had a good time. Both sets of pictures are from the Reagan, in case you're wondering! The lighting was pretty weird and they didn't allow flash, so that's why there are strange shadows and such. 
The Black Pearl // Ruby "riding" one of the Tron Motorcycles // Ruby and Daddy hanging out with some Pirates
Hitchhiking Ghosts! // Captain America's Get-Up // Inspecting the Ship
Princess Dresses // Iron Man // Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Costumes
(There were a lot more cool artifacts, but I thought it'd be boring to just have pictures of random stuff on here. My favorite Disney artifacts were: The Opening Sequence Books from Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, Walt's Office, First Disneyland Ticket, Reference Costumes for Snow White and Pinocchio and Mary Poppin's Costume) 

Ruby & Mom // Presidential Helicopter // Ruby for President!
Air Force One // Ruby's First "Horse Ride" // Secret Service Exhibit
Ronald Reagan loved Jelly Bellies! // Piece of the Berlin Wall in the Gardens // Berlin Wall Exhibit
We snapped these Family Pictures right before we left - gotta document these things! We really had a great time in California! It was so nice to just get away and relax. Ruby did really well in the car and kept sleeping through the nights and such. We can't wait to go back! 
A Whole Bunch of Workmans
"I had so much fun at Grandma & Grandpa Workman's!" 
Ruby and her Uncle Ben 
(I love this one.) 
Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ruby - 4 Months

I was looking back over the past Monthly Updates and I cannot believe how much Ruby has grown. Just look at 1 Month. And to think, she seemed so big then! Just look at her now... Ruby keeps getting more expressive and cute! We have discovered the little things that make her laugh and smile. We are getting better at being parents and she's getting better at being a perfect little angel baby. I had a really tough time choosing out her monthly picture, so here are some of the runners-up:
Weight -- Doctor's Appointment is on Monday so I'll have more specific stats then, but in the meantime I'll say she's around 12 lbs. The Doctor on Monday also means another round of shots. Oh, Joy...

Diapers -- Still in the Costco 1-2, but she's been having some crazy blow-outs recently and I really hope that doesn't indicate that she's growing out of them because we have a whole new box waiting for her.

Clothes -- Ruby is a long, skinny girl! She's still in the 3 Month size, mostly. She wore a pair of 3 Month Corduroy Pants today and they practically fell off of her! But, with footy pajamas she's in 3-6 Month so I don't really know what to tell you...

Likes -- Riding in the Baby Bjorn (front-facing only), Her Uncles, Being Held by Others, Her Owl Car Seat Toy, Blowing Raspberries and Putting EVERYTHING in her Mouth.

Dislikes -- Being Left Alone in a Room (She's developed a Banshee-like shriek to let us know her unhappiness at being left alone), The Nasal Aspirator, and Tummy Time (Still).
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i'm inspired by:

This is so smart. I want Ruby to know that she is beautiful, but smart and capable too.
These would make a perfect Halloween dinner.
This is a really cool idea.  I'd love to go some day.
This photo shoot is almost exactly what I'm looking for in our upcoming family photos.
This would be perfect for baby Ruby.
This isn't available anymore online, but I think I could probably make knock-off version.
This will probably come in handy if we end up going anywhere this fall.
These are some fun ideas for the autumn. I'm so excited that the seasons are changing.

picture from here

Ruby Tuesday - So Long Summer

Here's what a typical day looked like this summer: 
ruby'd wake up around 6:00 am. and have her first breakfast.  (yes, she slept for most of the summer in her swing. she's fully transitioned to her crib now, though, and things are good.)

 after first breakfast, we both go back to sleep for a bit.
at around 8:00 am, ruby wakes up and it's time for a diaper change - usually pretty frightening first thing in the morning. 
the morning light is just beautiful. after the initial change, it's time for second breakfast and good morning america.  ruby usually plays on the floor for a bit while i eat breakfast. then we both go upstairs and i take a shower and get ready while ruby hangs out in the bathroom with me in this pink bouncer thing (that's ended up being really useful!).  i usually give ruby a bath at right about this time, too.

then, if it's monday, we do laundry and go grocery shopping. if it's not monday, we hang out and have a fun day at home.  
sometimes we read books,
sometimes we have visitors, 
 and ruby usually takes a afternoon nap. i eat lunch and check my blogs and stuff.

sometimes we'll run to the library or something in the afternoon. i try to tidy up the house.

by this time, daddy is done with work and it's getting close to dinnertime. dan plays with ruby while i make dinner and then we all sit together at the dining room table to eat. ruby is a little young for her high chair, but seems to like it anyway. it reclines way back so that she can sort of sit in it.

after dinner ruby has her whiny, unhappy time of night...

 so we usually take a walk after dinner or go visit people in springville and then she's much happier.

when we get back it's time for jammies!
{this trick is called "the half roll". she's also got the foot grab down pretty well now.}
you can usually catch ruby sneaking a look at the tv if we are watching an evening show.
this girl loves the tv. it makes me pretty worried. 

then it's time to get ready for bed. which means being nursed and swaddled. and then placed in her swing (or now, crib) 
 good night ruby jane! we love you!

then, dan and i watch tv, clean up, and get ready for everything to happen all over again the next day! it's been a simple but wonderful summer. 
Sunday, September 9, 2012

i wish they all could be california girls: travelogue part one

here are some pictures from our trip so far. this beach boys song also happens to be ruby's favorite song. she smiles so big when dan sings it to her. 
we stopped in st. george to visit our friends the joneses. they are awesome. // st. george is beautiful
learned how to make granny squares // bonding with uncle ben // spent most of our time like this
watched a lot of tv // dan went shooting with his dad and then they reloaded bullets // swinging
ruby discovered this old bouncer and loved it! // halloween costumes // daddy-daughter time
i have tons of pictures of me as a baby in front of these trees - had to carry on the tradition! 
meeting the great grandparents mercer for the first time
solvang, ca.

not pictured: dan's friend randy's 30th birthday party // visiting grandpa at work & great wall // souplantation //  movies  trader joe's // wooden clothes pin dolls // dinner with the villalobos' // donut runs // target

planned for this week: disney archives exhibit at the ronald regan library// ruby's diner // swimming or the beach
visiting more friends

stay tuned for part two! 
Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some Random things for this Saturday Night

*Spumoni Ice Cream is delicious. It's like the more interesting big brother of Neapolitan.
*I'm about 3/4 of the way done with the most adorable little Clothespin Dolls. They are seriously so cute. I can't wait to make more - I'll post some pictures when they're done.
*I love Instagram. I hopefully will be getting my own smart phone soon so that I don't have to steal away Dan's phone every time I want to snap a picture.
*We're still in California for a little less than a week with Dan's family. Dan's got some really good friends down here and we've really had fun hanging out with them. It makes us wish we lived closer. It's hard to have friends spread out all over the place.
*My brother, Ethan, got back from his mission in Australia on Wednesday. It was great to finally be able to talk to him on the phone after two long years!
* Dan's brother, Ben, got the second season of Downton Abbey (and the Christmas Special) for me. I'm excited to catch up to the rest of the world on the whole Downton Abbey thing.
*I bought a pair of aqua skinny jeans today. I hope I'm bold enough for such bold pants.
*I learned how to crochet this week. Dan's mom, Karylee, is a great teacher. I'm a Granny-Square-Making-Machine! 
*Ruby's been such a good baby on this trip. She's been awfully friendly when she meets new people - she gives the cutest little grins and smirks. I'm not sure how, but she's also been able to maintain a somewhat normal sleeping and napping schedule. She's an angel baby.
*I've been trying to remember to take pictures while we've been hanging out and doing things and I realize that I'm a pretty awful photographer. Good thing I'm taking a class, I guess. 


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