Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Good News Minute

In Relief Society on Sundays, they often do a "Good News Minute". It's where the ladies can share something good that's happened during the week with the rest of the group. I like listening to what the ladies say even though my things don't usually go along with the usual "My fourteenth grandchild was born this week!" or "I am finally recovered from my Carpal Tunnel Surgery!". I hardly ever volunteer my good news though. It's not that good things don't happen to me, because it's quite the opposite. It's just I can never really thing of something on the spot to share.  And since I have a little baby girl that probably won't want to go to Relief Society, here's my little list for this week:

  • I was treated to an early Birthday lunch with Jenny and Jamie at Molly's. This restaurant is seriously one of my favorites! Jenny treated me to a Pulled Pork Sandwich with Coleslaw on top and a nice large piece of Carrot Cake. If you're in the Provo area, I highly recommend checking Molly's out!
  • It was Pioneer Day! I love having a holiday that nobody else in the country has! And Ruby looked so cute in that little American Girl Doll Bonnet...
  • I love that we can walk around the streets of Springville and run into so many people that we know! Last night on our walk, we saw 11 people that we knew. Most of them were Dan's Aunts and Uncles who'd just finished dinner at Magleby's. It was so fun to turn the corner and say, "Hey, I know them!" These summer walks truly are the best! 
  • I am 2/3 of the way through Season 1 of Downton Abbey. There's been too much talk about this series to not give it a second try. (I watched the first episode a couple of months ago, and was totally not into it. Now that I've seen more, I like it!) 
  • We went to Costco and bought more than just stuff from the Food Court. Dan and I talked about how we felt like real-live adults getting stuff and Costco and actually using it!
  • Ruby (and I) slept 8 hours last night - 11pm-7am. Which were almost regular sleeping hours! 
And this is sorta from last week, but I made these S'mores Bars and they are the best thing ever. If you make them, make sure you share them because once you eat one you won't be able to control yourself. 
Picture from here via Stephanie via Pinterest
Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Birth Announcement

I had the best intentions of being organized this summer. 

I had grand plans of addressing and stamping envelopes before Ruby's birth and even made master lists of who all'd receive an announcement in the mail. I designed this birth announcement when Ruby was about two weeks old. I was on track! 

But, that was right around the time when I got food poisoning, an ingrown toenail and major tooth infection that ended in an extraction. 

This past week, I was looking through the pictures on the computer and ran across this little beauty. Oops. It seems "like too little, too late" to send them out now, so I'm posting it for your viewing pleasure here. 

Our Christmas card will have to double as a birth announcement. If I'm organized enough to get those sent out...

She looks so little! Those scrawny little legs! 
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ruby Tuesday: Pioneer Edition

Happy Pioneer Day, Y'all! 
Love, Ruby Sue the Pioneer
Monday, July 23, 2012

Ruby - 2 Months

This little girl is getting bigger every day and is really starting to develop a cute personality! She smiles all the time and is beginning to interact with people around her. It's so cute.

2 Month Stats:
Weight -  10lbs 0oz. I thought she was starting to feel a little heavier! And she's 23 inches long. 

Diaper Size - She's size One. Today she had a crazy blow-out that I won't go into graphic detail on, but suffice it to say that I have no idea how poop can get where it did...

Clothing Size - Mostly 3 Month. Carter's 3M clothes start at 8lbs so that's why she's only two months but in 3M. I really hope that she'll be in 3M for a while because I have a TON! We're on the receiving end of about 3 groups of hand-me-downs so we're swimming in girl clothes. Which is so nice, I have no idea how people afford to clothe their children without hand-me-downs! 

Likes - Momma & Daddy talking to her, swinging in her swing, taking walks around the block, being held, eating, her pink elephant rattle, simethicone drops, the "kick-kick" game and getting her toenails painted :) 

Dislikes - Gas bubbles in her tummy, being left alone in a room, getting shots and attending the whole three-hour-block at church. 

Ruby is such a good and happy baby. We love her so much!! 
Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello There!

Here are some random things this Thursday Morning:

* I am so excited for this movie and this movie. I see a Christmas Day double feature in our future! 
* Dan is unloading the dishwasher as I type this. I didn't even ask. He's really quite helpful around here. 
* I really enjoyed reading this blog post - It's really hard work being a mom and I think it looks so easy on blogs and the internet...
* I kinda forgot about doing a Ruby Tuesday post this week but the little lady will be two months old (eek!) next week, so I'll just do a super update then!
* Ruby slept for seven hours last night! 11:30-6:30. WooHoo! 
* Dan's dream shed got built this week. He was seriously more excited than a kid on Christmas. I kept catching him peeking out the windows to watch the progress. 
*I'm dreaming of doing something like this to our kitchen. I have visions of farmhouse sinks, butcher block counter tops and subway tiles running through my head!
*I'm dreaming up a knock-off jewelry project that'll hopefully end up looking like this
*I would love to throw a "favorite things" party - it sounds so fun! Look at this one here and let me know if you want in! 
Picture from Katie Evans via Pinterest
Friday, July 13, 2012

My Old Cyber-Shot Camera

I recently found my old camera. My parents gave it to me for my 18th birthday. Wow, that was so long ago! Anyway, the battery had been dead in it for over a year and the memory card was full. 
It was kind of fun to look back at the pictures on it and see what we were up to. Our lives seemed so carefree then! 
Here are a few of my favorites.
*Dan was a Guest Speaker in a Sociology Class at BYU *Annual Roommate Christmas Dinner *The Yard Work Begins
*Hey, That's our house! (More on this later) *Some Vintage Christmas Pillows I made * Fresh Paint
*Taking out a leaky toilet, stained carpet and installing a new toilet* Pretty much sums up my time at Red Mountain * Dan's so happy to get our dishwasher hooked up! 
*Making sure Dan doesn't fall! * Message-in-a-Cookies for our Housewarming Party * The Mercer Girls!
*Mom & Elise's first trip to Cafe Rio * First photo of us and our house * Hot Air Balloons for 2011 Art City Days
* Bird's nest under our porch right before eviction * Mercer Girls like LeSportsacs * Kitchen Chairs -Before &After
Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Years of Dandace

On our Honeymoon - Club 33
First Anniversary - Paul McCartney Concert
Second Anniversary - The Huntington Library & Gardens in California
We had a great Anniversary this year. We didn't really do anything.  It's tough to do anything big like we'd done in previous years with a newborn but that didn't make it any less special.  We just spent the day together. Dan surprised me with a bouquet of sunflowers, my favorite candies from See's and a really sweet card. We were happy just being us. And that was perfect. 
Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ruby Tuesday 5

Just a couple of things:
*Ruby celebrated her first Fourth of July! She really likes bright lights in general, so she was pretty mesmerized by the fireworks.
*Ruby has a clogged tear duct. Aunt Kris, the eye doctor, says it's not a big deal. Ruby looks a little funny with a puffy left eye though. 
*Ruby had a blow out today and it got all over me. An outfit change was necessary for both of us. Gross. 
*This little lady hates hates hates Relief Society. I told the other ladies sitting in the row with me how she isn't really a fan and less than five minutes later, the crying started. But It's kind of fun to go out into the hall and talk to the other people with kids out there...
*Ruby's started to make sounds other than crying like sweet little coos and she's definitely perfected the grunt. 
*Gas has been our enemy recently. I've been giving Ruby baby simethicone drops to help her little tummy out and her tongue has been permanently neon pink for the last week. It's kinda cute, actually. 
*Ruby's gotten a lot better at sleeping for longer stretches! Last night, she slept from 12-3:30 and then from 4-8:30. She and I even took a nice two hour nap this afternoon! I hope publicizing this doesn't jinx it for me cause I could really get used to this! 
*It's been so so hot! I get so nervous about Ruby being too hot! Where do you take a little baby to cool off when temps are in the triple digits and your swamp cooler isn't cutting it?!
*Tomorrow is Dan and my 3rd Anniversary! Yay us!

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