Friday, August 9, 2013

good things friday

1. i received the cutest painting in the mail from my friend, annie. i almost cried when i opened the package. i love it so much. i really have the best and most talented friends.

2. we had a wonderful summer storm. the house was all dark and cozy and it just poured! it made me especially excited for those cozy fall days that will be here before we know it! i listened to the when harry met sally soundtrack. it just seemed to go with the general moodiness of the weather.

3. i figured out how to make my phone a remote for the blu-ray player. doesn't that sound so futuristic? and then i watched this clip (a few times). i would love to see this show but right now i think i'd settle for the brandy version!

4. we had leftover ikea cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning. we took jenny and jamie up there last night so they could get stuff to furnish their condo. it was really fun but ruby didn't really think so.

5. we took a walk around the block and talked to some new friends and some old ones. and ruby got to see her favorite dogs - bruce & carl.

6. ruby slept in until 9am, went down really easily for her nap and then went to bed without complaint. awesome.

7. i finished a dandyroo painting. guys, i've been working my tail off. i think i've sold like ten paintings in the last 3 weeks. that's a lot for me. i've got three more on my plate right now too.


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