Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring is Blooming

While looking on Amazon (browsing Pop-Up Books of all things) I found this really cool book. Paper Blossoms: A Pop-up Book of Beautiful Bouquets for the Table. I think the cut-outs are really beautiful. I don't think its available until the Fall, but this is definitely going to be on my Wish List! Pre-order HERE!

Speaking of Kitchens

Someday when I have a cute little girl I will get her something as awesome as this.

From Pottery Barn Kids, of Course.

If only it weren't $699.99 (and that's on sale!)
Sunday, April 18, 2010

Before and After: Part 4

We've finally reached the Kitchen on this part of our Tour!

OK so here's the before. NASTY.
The old owners had this weird carpet down on the floor. We took it up and discovered tile! We've painted the walls yellow and the cabinet doors green. My camera is not very good, so these pictures don't really do it justice.
And yes, those are freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on the oven there. Refer to my previous post if you want the recipe.

I have my own little corner-desk area. I really wish I had a before shot of this one. Just imagine -- Before: Ugly closet, ill-fitting doors and concrete walls. I would be nervous to even store food in there. But now! It's really awesome. I have a built in cookbook storing-blogging-sewing-crafting station and it is perfect!

Again, these pictures stink! But the edges of the shelves are the same light green as the cabinets. I got special knobs from Anthropologie (who'd think they'd have such great hardware!?).
And here is possibly my favorite feature of the kitchen -- the open display cabinet! A perfect place to showcase all my fun dishes and Fiestaware. It wasn't in the original plan to have this cabinet like this, but we had a very difficult time with the doors. They are old, and none of the hardware was standard so putting new ones on proved to be impossible. By the time we got to this end, we just decided to leave them off. And I don't think it looks half bad, myself.

Ok, we only have one room left. Stay tuned!

...And we're back!

Sorry about that week-long disappearance - it's been quite busy for me with the last week of classes (you'd think finals week would be busy, but no. I actually have a bit of a break now)

Here are some updates, pictures and other things I like.

1) We finally sold the Police Car. Dan was sad to see it go. (I was kinda happy to see it go)

But, you can see we are both pretty happy with the cash.

And speaking of cars, its time for Dan to get a new company car. He just ordered a 2010 Ford Fusion. We might buy the Charger for me, but he says he might be a little jealous if I drive a cooler car than he does.

2) I got a calling. We may have only been in this ward for 1 week, but I've already been called to work in the Primary. Six-year-olds -- better brace yourselves.

3) I've been cookin' up a storm. Finally found a good chocolate chip cookie recipe over at my new favorite blog -- Crepes of Wrath. It's awesome.

I also made some really good brown sugar bacon for the annual roommate General Conference breakfast (word is it was a show-stopper) Here's the recipe over at MarthaStewart.com (It's so easy, it doesn't really even need a recipe.)

4) 'Tis the Season for Visitors! Dan's mom, Karylee, comes up (tomorrow!) for a visit before CJ & Meghan's little baby girl is born. (Boy, are we excited for a cute little Girl to be around!) Then, next weekend Jason & Ellen, our favorite Denver cousins are coming with their little boy, Gavin, for a visit. Then, my Mom is going to visit in May. We're going to have a full house for a while.

5) My brother, Ethan, just put in his mission papers -- it'll be exciting to see where he goes!

6) Spring semester I am taking 2 classes, to satisfy dumb liberal arts and science credits. What are my two classes you ask? American Culture and Floral Design. I am excited.

7) I have exactly 2 weeks left of working a regular shift at the Candy Counter (I'll be "on call" till I graduate, so if you really really want to see me there, I might be able to pick up a shift :). I am really excited to be done, and move on with my life. But I will really miss it and all of the friends I've made there.

8) I think this video is like the cutest thing ever, if you haven't watched it yet, you MUST!!

I Am A Girl - The Girls With Glasses Theme Song from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

Whew! That was a super long post. I will not let my blogging lapse for so long -- the catch-up is exhausting!!
And I'll continue with the Home Tour this week, I promise!
Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today was the bridal shower for one of my old roommates, Natalie.

Jenny was mostly in charge of planning it, and enlisted me to make some decorations. Of course, I was really excited to do anything for a party. I made these festive tissue paper puffs and a triangle bunting. Nat's colors are gray, yellow and purple and I had a really fun time doing the decorations.

The best thing about bridal showers is that all of us old roomies get together and have a chance to hang out just like old times! And as you can see, we had a pretty good time.
Thursday, April 8, 2010

Broiled Grapefruit (yep you heard me right)

Photo from The Kitchn
So I was browsing over at one of my favorite websites -- Apartment Therapy.com

The Kitchn section to be precise.

And they had this recipe for Sweet and Smoky Broiled Grapefruit.

I always feel cool when I see something new and unique on a blog, and already know about it or have done it. This is one such case.

Last week, Dan and I were over at Uncle Von & Aunt Susan's house. Susan offered us some broiled grapefruit (we thought it sounded a bit strange, but obliged anyway)

It. Was. Delicious.

Warm, buttery citrus. You'd never think of this combo, but it is awesome!

She even sent us home some grapefruits so that we can make our own.

If you want to try a broiled grapefruit for yourself, check out this post. (I don't think that their recipe calls for butter, but it's a must. And pile on the brown sugar -- this is meant to be delicious, not nutritious!)
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Before and After: Part 3

Next in the series is the BEDROOM! (sorry for those of you who were betting on living room)

First off, this room is huge! (And for these pictures, we've only shown half of the room because the other half is the designated dumping ground for stuff we don't know what to do with.)

I've kinda been on a Martha Stewart kick lately (proof is in the previous post) and I was really excited when we went to Home Depot and they had Martha Stewart paint. Of course, I had to get a gallon or two. And this is the finished product! It's very nice, if I do say so myself.

The black hope chest was one of those things that Dan found while out on the job (some furniture store was having an unbelievable sale, I guess). He texted me while I was at school with a picture of the beauty and asked if I wanted it. I obviously said yes. I think it really completes the room.

The quilt was a wedding gift from Dan's mom, Karylee (Isn't she talented?).

Ok, folks -- we're down to just two rooms left! Keep checking for more updates!

A House Built by Martha

Now you can get a Martha Stewart HOUSE to match all of your other Martha Stewart stuff.

hmmm... Dan and I have been talking about ending up in Denver...and there is a Martha Stewart community there. And I do have a thing for Yellow houses with Black shutters...

check out all the details here

Yep, I think this is where I want to live when I grow up.
Monday, April 5, 2010

a night of french food and fun!

Girls nights are fun, but when they are themed girls nights they are even better!

Friday, I had a few friends over and we watched Coco Before Chanel and ate delicious French themed treats. The movie was beautiful - the costumes, set design and cinematography were stunning! And the food all got eaten (which is always a good thing)
Friday, April 2, 2010

Before and After: Part 2

Next in this series is the Office.

This is the room that probably still needs the most work. Eventually, we plan on taking out all the wood paneling and putting up real dry wall. But I think it is much more charming with Dan's stuff in it than our former tenants'.

Next room -- Bedroom? or Living Room? It'll be a surprise!!
Thursday, April 1, 2010

Before And After: Part 1

We've really been working out tails off on this new place. Over the next couple of days or weeks, I'm gonna show some befores and afters. I think we've definitely made some major improvements.

We'll start with the Bathroom.

Small, but not insignificant. We've given it a fresh coat of paint and got some matching linens and rugs.

By the way, the best part of the Bathroom is the new massaging spa-like shower head. It is Glorious. (Thanks Momma W!)

What I'm Listening To.

I really am listening to this album right now.

She & Him (Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward) have a new album. There is a great story at NPR.com about it and you can listen to the entire album on there. This is definitley making this dreary April Fools' day a little brighter. Man, I really like this album. Listen to it!!

Click for the Tunes!

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