Monday, January 28, 2013

Splish Splash

Ruby has never disliked baths, per say. She just has never really loved them.
 Until Daddy put on his swim trunks and hopped in and showed the little lady how it's done. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Ruby and I are heading out on our second cross-country trip. 

We're going to see the grandparents in Massachusetts. I cannot say how much I love going Back East. 

Here are some pictures from our last trip. I have the feeling that our next trip will look pretty similar because we always do the same exact things when we come to visit. 
Shop & Eat. 

It's a dream. 


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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ruby - Six, Seven & Eight Months

Alright, I've been meaning to do a Ruby update for months now. Every time I've gone to plug my camera into the computer, it didn't recognize that there was anything plugged in. Talk about frustrating. It's REALLY time for a new computer! But, today it all decided to work! So here's a mega update! 

Ruby was sick at this time, hence the weird expression and chapped face. 
Holy Grown-Up Baby, Batman!
Ok - Where to start?! Since the last update, we've celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and Ruby's gone on her first airplane when we visited Massachusetts. That alone is a ton of stuff (that I really should blog about!).

I feel like Ruby is totally out of her newborn phase and is officially a BABY. She is such a good little girl. We love her so much.

Last time I updated, she was just starting on solid food and now she eats three solid meals a day plus snacks. She is surprisingly good with finger foods. She can transfer a cheerio from one hand to the other. She ate a whole meatball today too (cut up into little pieces, of course) We finished up breastfeeding at the beginning of the month and I'm sorry to say that I'm kind of relieved. Breastfeeding was hard for us.

Ruby has mastered rolling over and is getting a lot better at sitting up. If she has something to keep her occupied, she can sit for quite a while. No signs of crawling yet, but that's totally fine. Our house is definitely not baby-proofed yet. Also no teeth yet.

She sleeps through the night (usually) but still doesn't really nap during the day. This makes getting anything substantial done in the day quite difficult. It's a good think Dan works from home. We've tried the crying-it-out method, but it feels like we're torturing our baby. Apparently neither Dan or I were very good nappers so I guess it's just Karma.

Ruby has started to babble more. She makes the sounds "bababababa" and "mamamama" the most. She blows raspberries all the time now and not just when she's upset.Sometimes she'll even giggle to herself and it's the cutest thing ever. She also hasn't been sucking her thumb as much, which is awesome.

Just when I think she can't get any cuter, she surprises us with something new. Ruby gives really slobbery open-mouthed kisses. She basically just opens her mouth and tries to eat your face. It's really cute.

Monthly Stats: 

Weight - Probably around 15lbs? She was 12lbs at her 6 Month appointment. She is dropping in the percentiles, people! I try to feed her more but I don't know where it goes. I guess she inherited her daddy's physique. 

Diapers - She's between the sizes on the Costco Diapers, so we're in Huggies Size 2. 

Clothes - 6 Month pants fit her great around the waist, but are total high-waters! I'm buying 9 Month clothes now but she still fits in to most of her 6 Month (and even some 3-6 Month...)

Likes - playing in her exersaucer, cheerios and puffs, when momma shares frozen yogurt with her, reading books, going to the mall (especially when she's strapped in the baby bjiorn), petting dogs and playing peek-a-boo. 

Dislikes - pooping and sleeping. enough said. 

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