Wednesday, August 7, 2013

candace's 25th birthday recap

that dan. he spoils me. and apparently he reads this blog, too. 

the night before my birthday, he said that he had some stuff to do for my birthday and that i should get ready for bed. i was expecting streamers and balloons, because that is pretty standard. i guess i should come to expect that hardly anything with dan is standard. 

dan woke me up thursday morning (wearing one of my aprons, no less) and told me to come downstairs. boy, was i surprised. 

he had read this post where i say that i think an american girl birthday party like i had when i was little would still be fun today. and that's just what he did. he borrowed a fancy tablecloth, china & such from his grandma and set up a little tea party for us. he even invited my old dolls to come. 

it was really sweet and ruby was just excited to eat breakfast with the "babies". 

the spread - dan really saw to every detail! 
including this scrabble birthday message! 
he made name tags in his finest handwriting
scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes & blueberries
wait! it's momma's birthday!?
ruby is so happy to eat breakfast with the dollies. i foresee lots of tea parties in her future!

what a good daddy!

dan insisted i wear the bonnet...
and then dan put the bonnet on.
ruby thought it was pretty funny. 

this made me laugh so hard - dan knew the names of the other dolls and made them corresponding name tags but this one doesn't technically have a name. so he made one up. i don't know what happened to her one eye, but it is broken and looks funny. dan called her "miss one eyed jill" 
here's a photo from that original birthday party. he did a pretty good job at recreating it. 

what a kind & thoughtful husband i have!

the rest of the day was great. i met up with jenny & jamie for lunch at station 22. i got a package from my mom & other birthday cards in the mail. dan, roo and i went to target and the sweet tooth fairy. then everyone came over for cupcakes, singing and a good ol' time. 

if my 25th birthday is any indication of what my 25th year holds, it's going to be a great one! 


Amy said...

Oh my goodness this has me cracking up. What a sweet guy and what a hilarious and surprising idea! Happy belated birthday!

Shannon b said...

This is awesome! YOU have one great guy!

Creole Wisdom said...

You guys are my favorite family on earth.

That Dan. He is one of the greatest guys I've known. You married a winner.

One-eyed Jill looks kind of suspicious in her puff vest. Just sayin'!

Happy belated birthday :)

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