Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ten on tuesday

1. the best sound in the world is the etsy cha-ching. i have the etsy app on my phone and any time i make a sale, it goes "cha ching!" it made that delightful sound twice today! :)

2. i finally folded the 4+ loads of clean laundry that were strewn around our bedroom. this has been on my to-do list for the past week. i'm telling you laundry will be the death of me - and we only have one kid!

3. after folding said laundry, i organized my bedside table. while doing that, i found a lost favorite earring and one of my wedding bands. they were under the bed...

4. it had been a goal of mine to try sulfate-free shampoo for a while and a couple of weeks back, i bought some. i got the loreal ever curl and boy does it smell good! i don't really know if it's making a difference on this crazy hair of mine but i'd like to think so!

5. ruby found her ruby slippers. i was sorting through her clothes and shoes this afternoon and she saw them. she immediately had me put them on her feet and didn't want to take them off. she cried when they fell off, which happened a lot because they are about two sizes too big. so cute though. i love that she loves them.

6. dan's mom is coming up this week. we are all really excited.

7.  my little brother, sam, is coming to visit next week, which we are all really excited for, also!

8. ruby took her first official steps on saturday! she pretty much hated it whenever we made her walk, but today something seemed to click for her! i looked away for one second and she had gotten up from where she was sitting and WALKED over to see something. oh goodness. i guess we'd really better babyproof.

9. dan and i went on a dinner date tonight to the art city trolley. it is probably our favorite restaurant. we love the food. we love the ambiance. we love that we can walk there. dan's cousin, tess, watched ruby so we were able to have a baby-free hour. it was great. and then we hung out with the allemans afterward and that was fun.

10. i'm pretty much done with my fall bucket list and i am so excited! i'll post it on here in a couple of weeks. i can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit.


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