Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ten on tuesday - birthday edition

hey folks! my birthday is this week! so today i'm doing a round-up of birthday themed things i think are really cool!

1. this birthday party in a box idea from you are my fave is so fun. i love her whole "in a box" series.

2. the sweet tooth fairy has a birthday cupcake club! if you go into the shop and fill out the form for the birthday club,  you get a free cupcake on your birthday! am i childish if the 'fairy-fetti' is my favorite?

3. the original princess diaries movie came out right around my 13th birthday and going to the movies was my birthday activity that year. i love that movie. still do. probably always will.

4. i've never been to disneyland on my birthday, but i've been on it's! dan and i went on july 17, 2011 - disneyland's 56th birthday. it was magical. as disneyland often is.

5. i was supposed to be born on 8-8-88 but i was a week early. wouldn't that have been the coolest birthday ever?

6. how cute is this little birthday clothespin doll? i've got to make one like this. these dolls are so much fun to make!

7. i think birthday traditions are so fun! this list is a pretty good start. growing up, our tradition was breakfast in bed, but i think we should do more than just that! i love the idea of birthday pancakes.

8. birthdays are totally different with the advent of social media. i think it's fun. there's always a new notification whenever you get on. it might be because everyone is reminded it's your birthday... guess you can tell who your true friends are because they text you to make plans way before your actual birthday. (jenny!)

9. oh wow, this party idea takes me right back to my childhood. i loved american girl dolls (still do) and had two american girl tea parties as birthday parties. i almost wish i could throw this party now and that people would think it was as fun as i do! (there are a few pages with details so be sure to click through!)

10. i share a birthday with : coolio, jerry garcia, francis scott key, william clark (as of lewis & clark), herman melville, yves saint laurent and dhani harrison (george's son). apparently only famous men can have an august 1st birthday...


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