Thursday, June 6, 2013

brittany's bridal shower

dan's cousin, will, is getting married in just a couple of weeks! we threw his cute fiance, brittany, a little bridal shower. our theme was simple - daisies. we decorated with a bunting and daisy garland. there were mason jars of fresh flowers around the room. it was simple and sweet. 

i am terrible at photographing events and i only got these two photos. anyway, the party was fun and beautiful. here are some details: 
pasta salad with grilled chicken and spinach
chicken salad sandwiches
caprese sandwiches
fruit platter
veggie tray

fruit tarts
lemon bars

raspberry punch

we played a couple of games. brittany opened presents. it was a good time. 

oh and here is a picture of the happy couple, just in case you are curious! 


Mary said...

SUCH a cute bridal shower. I nominate you to "shower" me in the future ; ) Really though Candace it's all so cute!

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