Thursday, August 16, 2012

McBride's Briar Patch

I just got a new calling in our ward and I am so excited about it: Activity Days! I liked my previous calling where I taught the 16 and 17 year-olds Sunday School class, but I feel like Activity Days is a little more up my alley! This past week was our first activity and we went berry picking. This field trip was the perfect low-key activity to introduce me to the girls.

First off, McBride's Berry Patch in Mapleton is awesome. They have rows and rows of raspberries and blackberries that you pick yourself. Each of the girls got a bucket and we set off down the rows to get our berries. I must say, it's kind of tough to maneuver the tight rows with a stroller, but I made do! We picked for about a half an hour and then took the berries to be weighed and payed for. One problem though - I remembered that they only accept cash and I had totally spaced it and only had a debit card! My Activity Days partner, Laurie, said that we both must have "new mommy brains" because she'd forgotten cash too! Laurie asked the owner if we could come back and pay with cash later that day but the lady was so nice and said not to worry about the cost! She said as long as we spread the word about McBride's that would be good enough! I was so taken by her kindness and generosity. I hope to be that kind someday. So needless to say, I am spreading the word! But I would have recommended berry picking at McBride's anyway because it was so fun.

Here's the info on McBride's Briar Patch: 
1849 S. 2100 W. 
Mapleton, UT 
8am-Dark Monday-Friday
8am-3pm Saturdays
The berries are $3.00/lb 


annie said...

What a fun activity! You would be so perfect for that calling!

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