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Hello Readers - this is Candace's husband Dan and I am hijacking the blog tonight!  For my birthday, Candace posted 25 things about me in honor of my 25th (if I knew better how this blog thing works, I'd have a link to it here___).  Anyways, it was really sweet and so I thought I should respond in kind.  Here's my humble attempt, as a birthday gift for her:

24 Things About Candace on Her 24th Birthday

1.  Candace went to summer school once or twice…but the crazy part is that she signed up to go, even though her grades were good!   To her, more school sounded fun.

2.  Candace can tell you everything there is to know about Disneyland, down to the basketball court on the top of the Matterhorn.  She’s been to the park scores of times and even got to fulfill her life-long dream of eating at Club 33, the super-exclusive and semi-secret club that Walt had built for his friends!

3.  The Beatles band history is the only topic that rivals Disneyland in terms of Candace’s enthusiasm and depth of knowledge.

4.  Candace eats most things (mashed potatoes, vegetable sides, etc) plain, foregoing the usual butter, salt, and pepper that I so enjoy.

5.  Candace can sing every word of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel; this is a hard one to memorize and shows how smart she is with cultural references!

6.  Candace is so happy to be a stay-at-home mom and absolutely gives her all to making our house a home.

7.  Candace has incredible stick-to-it-ness: she ran cross-country in high school as a way of meeting people even though she was almost always at the back of the pack.

8.  As a kid, Candace use to tell people that she was allergic to dogs and cats because she didn’t like being around them!

9.  This is a sad one – Candace is the current owner of a US Passport….with no stamps in it.  I will work to change this one by taking her on a vacation!

10.  I take # 3 back actually.  Candace is also a Wizard of Oz guru and is excited about the prequel currently in the works.  She is also known to watch a pirated copy of Wicked on occasion!

11.  Candace does funny things with her fingers, using them as her primary movers when she dances and exuberantly pointing skyward when she makes a point. 

12.  Candace has the most luscious lips I have ever…seen….

13.  Despite being such a goody-two-shoes, Candace loves loves loves the musical “Rent” and breaks out into song regularly while watching it.

14.  Candace has had her paintings up in city museums and has some wicked natural talent in art.

15.  You know Candace is the one in the bathroom if you hear whistling or singing.  Just this past 4th of July I awoke to the Star Spangled Banner being belted in my echo-chamber of a shower!  What makes it even more endearing is she’s sometimes super off-key / uses different accents while singing.

16.  Candace is very thoughtful (and better at this type of thing than me).  She once gave me a deck of cards with 52 reasons she loves me – WAY more than my measly 24 posted here.

17.  Candace is such a good friend to our daughter Ruby and talks to her all day long.  I already know they will have a great relationship.

18.  True to her name, Candace or “Candy” loves her some sugary confections.  She blames heredity for our high dentist bills but every time she knows I am going to the BYU Bookstore, Candace mentions how she’s “been a good girl” just in case I want to get her “a treat.”

19.  Oh I almost forgot – Candace can fall asleep anywhere.  She frequently will bend over forward in the passenger seat and fall asleep with her head on her knees during our drives home.  I envy her talent in this area!

20.  When it comes to Halloween costumes, Candace is a group / themed kinda girl.  I complain about it every year, but every year we have awesome costumes.

21.  It has nothing to do with wanting to be fit, but Candace loves going on walk every evening.  It’s a social thing for her and we plan our routes based on whom we hope to walk by / run into.  The best walks are the ones where we go the shortest distance because we’ve stopped and chatted forever.

22.  Candace loves Christmas so much.  For example, she currently (in July) has a book of Christmas recipes and stories checked out from the local library!  Her favorite things to do Christmas-wise would have to be filling stockings and making neighbor-treats.

23.  This one may seem like a cop-out but those who know Candace well will agree:  Candace is the happiest person I have ever known.  That’s what strongly attracted me to her was that she balanced my dark / cynical self and I knew I was in for good times whenever she was around.  I feel like she has changed me for good and I know she will be the best mom to our kids (we have tons of fun)!

24.  Candace always says that she prefers to come to peoples’ doors with food in hand.  I can’t tell you how much sugar, butter, and flour we go through because Candace is thinking of others (and thinking of baked goods to send their way).  

I thought this would be hard, but I actually have thought of many more little things that I cherish about my wife - too bad she isn't turning 30 so that I'd have more to write!  Anyway I should probably give Candace control of her blog this is Dan, over and out!


Carmen said...

I love this! Candace has always been such a good friend to me, and you guys together is so awesome. Happy birthday Candace! You're the bomb!

Mary said...

I LOVED THIS POST!!!! Happy happy birthday Candace! Tell that husband of yours that he's set the bar really high! That was so sweet of him. It was fun learning some new things about you! Hope your birthday is fabulous!
Love, Mary

annie said...

YES YES YES!!! This was so wonderful! Some of those things I knew and some of them I had no idea about! I was going to list my favorites, but there are too many facts that I love! Candace, you are one of my very favorite people in this world! Happy Birthday! Wonderful post, Dan!

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