Monday, July 23, 2012

Ruby - 2 Months

This little girl is getting bigger every day and is really starting to develop a cute personality! She smiles all the time and is beginning to interact with people around her. It's so cute.

2 Month Stats:
Weight -  10lbs 0oz. I thought she was starting to feel a little heavier! And she's 23 inches long. 

Diaper Size - She's size One. Today she had a crazy blow-out that I won't go into graphic detail on, but suffice it to say that I have no idea how poop can get where it did...

Clothing Size - Mostly 3 Month. Carter's 3M clothes start at 8lbs so that's why she's only two months but in 3M. I really hope that she'll be in 3M for a while because I have a TON! We're on the receiving end of about 3 groups of hand-me-downs so we're swimming in girl clothes. Which is so nice, I have no idea how people afford to clothe their children without hand-me-downs! 

Likes - Momma & Daddy talking to her, swinging in her swing, taking walks around the block, being held, eating, her pink elephant rattle, simethicone drops, the "kick-kick" game and getting her toenails painted :) 

Dislikes - Gas bubbles in her tummy, being left alone in a room, getting shots and attending the whole three-hour-block at church. 

Ruby is such a good and happy baby. We love her so much!! 


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