Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Grandma's Pretty Groovy.

Example 1 - She has an iPhone (and knows how to use it, or at least get to the camera) 
Example 2 - She wears skinny Levis (not like "mom jeans", or "farmer jeans", but "I could wear these to a party jeans" - I can't even pull off those jeans!) 

Today I had dinner over at my Uncle Kyle and Aunt Kimberly's house. The Grandparents were up from California for Grandpa's 65th high school reunion.  Kimberly made delicious lasagna (which is saying something, cause I usually am not a fan of lasagna) and we had cheesecake for dessert!

But the real fun was after dinner. I forgot how fun it is to reminisce about the past. And the more you get talking, the more you remember the most random details. For example - My grandma always had those fruit-flavored marshmallows in her pantry, there was an unpainted carousel horse that lived in the garage for years waiting to be painted (I guess it has since found a new home) and the hundreds of pictures I drew at her house. I distinctively remember one of the Wizard of Oz quartet. Sounds weird to say, but I didn't realize how many happy memories I have. I had a really good childhood. 

 My Grandma also presented me with a graduation gift - The two-part treasury of the "World's Greatest Fairy Tales" as they are called. I LOVED these books as a child. I read them every time I went over to their house. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. 

Tonight was a really delightful walk down memory lane (and a charming look at how my Grandma might actually be cool!) 


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oooo i love old books

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