Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to Idaho...

Well, Dan is going back to Idaho. He's going on a business trip up there for nearly a month. Come August 30th, I need to find a bunch of stuff to occupy my time. I will be doing my internships, but I need to do some fun stuff too... Here are some of my ideas so far. Please give me suggestions.
1. Read a book. I started "The Help" and I like it so far, I'm just not that far. It's pretty thick so it'll last me a while, but any suggestions on what else to put on my list? 
2. Make Halloween Costumes -- The best idea we have so far is I will be Snow White and Dan will be tall skinny Grumpy. Does that sound good?
3. Make this quilt. Or basically any of the ideas on that website. It's not too early to do Christmas crafts right?
4. Plan a Bridal Shower for Kristen Brown. Complete with plenty of DIYs and fun details.
5. Jenny's Birthday, Ethan to the MTC and Jamie Hills to the MTC and other family/friend events.

I'm going to be bored and lonely! Give me some good ideas!!


Creole Wisdom said...

You might like reading the Emily Giffin books. They are totally chic lit, but fun and cute! I really like them :)

So glad to hear about your internships.

And I would also get prepped for Halloween. I want to be the statue of liberty and should start working on my crown today :)

Jenny Dunn said...

I feel honored to have made the list. :) And I can't wait to start planning/preparing for Kristen's shower.

Natalie said...

I want to help with Kristen's shower too! Let me know if I can do anything!! :)

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