Friday, January 22, 2010

One of the Perks of the Job.

So, Dan was out today trying to follow some leads on a case.

He walks out of an apartment complex here in Provo and saw a couple trying to move. The husband is trying to move a queen sized mattress in the snow all by himself! So, being the responsible citizen Daniel is, he offered to help the guy get some of his stuff in the truck.

I guess you sometimes get rewarded for good deeds, because I came home from work and found this in our living room!

Apparently, it couldn't fit in the truck and they let Dan take it. It goes perfectly in our house! It's from Target and is worth like $150.00! We are so lucky!


Creole Wisdom said...

Score! That is really nice, how wonderful. Moving beds sucks :(

Jenny Dunn said...

that is awesome! that goes perfectly with your living room.

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