Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ruby - Five Months

This month has been such a fun one with Ruby. She's really starting to develop her little personality! I keep saying to Dan, "I just love Ruby right now! This stage is so fun!". I think I'll keep saying that for a while. 

(Also, I couldn't seem to get a picture in her usual monthly pose without her hands in her mouth! I think she was hungry during our photo shoot) 

Monthly Stats: 

Weight - At our Doctor's Appointment last month, Ruby was 12lbs. So i'm guessing that she's probably around 13lbs this month? I don't know why I have this item on her monthly stats because I never know her weight. 

Diapers - Still Costco 1-2. This little girl grows vertically not horizontally, so I think she'll be in this size for a while. I don't really want to go into diaper details here, but let's just say that we started solids this month and the dirty diapers got a whole lot more interesting...gross. 

Clothes - We're in the transition time now. Some of the 3 Month clothes are getting a bit small (and I'm tired of her always wearing the same things) so we're pulled out the 6 Month clothes! This means a lot of laundry getting them all washed and ready. But I discovered that Ruby has quite a few cute sweaters and colder weather clothes that I'd forgotten about!

Likes - Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Bananas and Peas (we started her on some solids and so far, so good!), when Mom barks like a dog (it makes Ruby giggle so hard!), Sophie the Giraffe, meeting Uncles and hanging out with family, sticking EVERYTHING in her mouth, Baby Lap Time at the Library and sucking on her pacifiers the wrong way. 

Dislikes - Green Beans, getting her clothes changed (Onesies in particular - I don't know when this one started), and getting water in her face during bath time. Ruby gets pretty messy when she eats and then she's not too happy about it afterwards...

And here are some more pictures just for fun because my brother, Sam, says he checks my blog and I don't put enough pictures on. These are for you Sam! 

This next month should be a big one too! Ruby's First Halloween (so excited about our Costumes!) and Ruby's first Plane Trip (so not excited about the plane but very excited about the trip!). 

Love you Ruby Roo! 


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