Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ruby - 4 Months

I was looking back over the past Monthly Updates and I cannot believe how much Ruby has grown. Just look at 1 Month. And to think, she seemed so big then! Just look at her now... Ruby keeps getting more expressive and cute! We have discovered the little things that make her laugh and smile. We are getting better at being parents and she's getting better at being a perfect little angel baby. I had a really tough time choosing out her monthly picture, so here are some of the runners-up:
Weight -- Doctor's Appointment is on Monday so I'll have more specific stats then, but in the meantime I'll say she's around 12 lbs. The Doctor on Monday also means another round of shots. Oh, Joy...

Diapers -- Still in the Costco 1-2, but she's been having some crazy blow-outs recently and I really hope that doesn't indicate that she's growing out of them because we have a whole new box waiting for her.

Clothes -- Ruby is a long, skinny girl! She's still in the 3 Month size, mostly. She wore a pair of 3 Month Corduroy Pants today and they practically fell off of her! But, with footy pajamas she's in 3-6 Month so I don't really know what to tell you...

Likes -- Riding in the Baby Bjorn (front-facing only), Her Uncles, Being Held by Others, Her Owl Car Seat Toy, Blowing Raspberries and Putting EVERYTHING in her Mouth.

Dislikes -- Being Left Alone in a Room (She's developed a Banshee-like shriek to let us know her unhappiness at being left alone), The Nasal Aspirator, and Tummy Time (Still).


Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! I love the blanket. It's inspired me to make something similar for Bella for Christmas. You are such a great Mom - I love reading your blog :)

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