Monday, September 16, 2013

disneyland 2013

we had our official first workman family trip to disneyland. i've been dreaming of this day for a long time and it was fun! it was HOT, but fun. here are some highlights:
  • ruby got her "my first visit" button and wore it for approximately 4 minutes. 
  • the baby care center on main street is awesome. if you ever go there with a child, be sure to check it out.
  • ruby got her silhouette cut out and it is the cutest thing i've ever seen. 
  • we ate lunch at the plaza inn. i love the little parts of disneyland that don't seem to change very much and the plaza inn seems pretty original to my memory. 
  • i really, really wanted to get ruby a pair of mickey ears with her name embroidered on them but she refused to wear them. i'm glad we tried them on her before we realized she wasn't going to play along and didn't just buy them first. also - they have really cool hats and ears these days! there was one that was gray and pink felt with rick rack. i can't really describe it, but it was different and cute. 
  • the corn dog cart was closed that day. :( 
  • so was the carousel. next time! 
  • i think ruby was overwhelmed by all the lights and colors so in most of the pictures we have she's not even looking at the camera! much less smiling. but i think she had a good time. 
  • my souvenir was an it's a small world lesportsac purse. i love it so much. it probably deserves it's own post. 
  • we had a celebrity sighting (keep on reading) 
  • disneyland was only open from 10-7 and we didn't even ride that many rides, but sometimes that's how i like it. i love the ambiance and feeling of being at disneyland more than how many times i get to ride indiana jones (which was zero times this trip!) 
  • i can't wait to go back!! 

ruby passed out on pirates of the caribbean. we went down the drop and she promptly fell asleep. and then slept through the entire ride as you can see. 
ruby ended up being pretty freaked out about this ride...
and she wasn't really a fan of eeyore either. ruby spent a lot of the day with this expression on her face. 

who are these random people you ask? that really really old man in the captain's hat is hugh hefner. it was fun seeing a celebrity at disneyland (even if it was him!).
they all buzzed around on these electric scooters and were terribly obnoxious. 
on my first trip to disneyland, my mom & i have a picture at this same spot in the same pose. i love traditions. 
here's another really silly tradition. dan has worn this shirt to disneyland the past three times we've gone and has taken a picture in this same place and pose every time. 
ruby was also pretty freaked out by dumbo. i was having fun though! 

i love the way he looks at her. so much love. 

it was REALLY hot. ruby was a trooper though. 
ruby also passed out in the tiki room. we sat through two back-to-back shows to let her get some rest. 

ruby LOVED it's a small world. it was easily her favorite ride. it was also the only ride she didn't cry the entire time. 
she wasn't quite sure about it yet. 
still not very sure. but once those dolls started singing & dancing, she fell in love. she kept waving at them and dancing along. it was so adorable. even now, a few weeks later, she'll dance very enthusiastically if we play the "it's a small world" song. we got her a little bath toy that's a boat with a few of the disney characters that are one the ride with it. 

'till next time, disneyland! 

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