Sunday, August 4, 2013

a short story

A Short Story by Ruby Workman

sometimes we like to go on family walks. 

sometimes we start in the front of the house. sometimes we start in the back. 

sometimes we see cats. 

sometimes we have to dodge trees.

sometimes we see dogs. 

sometimes mom gives me a piggy back ride. 

sometimes daddy does instead. 

sometimes we see our friends. 

sometimes our friends give us treats. 

sometimes we make new friends that want to come home with us. 

sometimes we stop to take pictures. 

sometimes daddy gets tired of taking pictures. 

sometimes we see beautiful sunsets. 

and then we go home. 

the end. 

p.s. the dog belonged to our friends and it had somehow gotten out while they were gone. dan named him white fang but apparently her name is kira. it was fun to have a dog for the evening! 


Creole Wisdom said...

This is so, so cute. I love your dress, Candace!

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